Living Abundantly

Full Article “Living abundantly is simply allowing the Godness within us to fulfill all of our needs and desires with the perfect form.” * That statement that I’ve quoted is really the essence of how to live, period.  It doesn’t get any better than that.  The “that” part, though, is very hard for us at first (unless we’re in miserable pain and are ready for a drastic change) because it’s all about finally letting go of all of our beliefs that we’ve accumulated in this lifetime about how to live in this world and allowing ourself to live surrendered, in each and every moment, in the fullness and presence of our inner …..

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The Chains That Bind Us

great site The “chains” that bind you are the beliefs that you have about yourself that are not true.  You do believe they are true, but the truth is, they are not. Whatever they are (the beliefs), whatever it is (the one belief that haunts you), were deposited into your belief system a long time ago when you were far too young and immature to have any idea of how to take in the experience that produced the belief(s) that now haunts you.  If you are now reading this it is because you were attracted to it because the state of your consciousness is now desirous, willing and capable of looking straight …..

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