Go to the heart of the fear and there you will find safety . . .

dating in johor bahru Feeling down . . . go into the center of your being and open your heart wide open . . . allow yourself to feel fully whatever is there . . . in its fullness it will begin to soften, as your openness allows it to complete itself and thereby dissolve into nothingness . . . and with the pain of fear gone, there you will find peace, there you will find love . . . the very essence of your being . . . We hide the love that we are every time we defend ourselves by running away from fear, thus making fear real.  Go to the heart …..

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“I love you.”

site rencontre hi five “I love you.” The prettiest sound in the world is when you say, “I love you”, to someone and they say back to you, “I know”. Equally, the prettiest sound in the world is when someone says to you, “I love you”, and you say, “I know”. Love is not hard. Love is very soft. Love is not complicated. Love is very simple. When you give your heart to someone, you literally give your heart to someone. And, in the giving, you find your heart, your soul, your very being. And it doesn’t matter if your love is received because, in the giving of your love, it is you that …..

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Intimacy: “Into-Me-See”

browse around these guys The most delicious thing in the world is getting to know your inner being, your true self, which is really Self, because there is really only one Self that we all share.  But with an ego wrapped around our Self, it “seems” to become our self, a tiny, separate little entity in the sea of life desperately trying to find happiness from which happiness cannot be found. The scariest thing in the psychological world of your mind is taking a look at what you’re hiding about yourself, from yourself, within your mind and revealing that to someone else.  Your hiding is your defense against the “bad” and “wrong” that you’ve hidden …..

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