Happiness . . . .

find this A lot can be said about happiness.  A lot of people are happy and a lot of people aren’t.  Sometimes people are happy and sometimes they’re not. Here’s a little reflection on happiness that I hope might stimulate more happiness in you.  And, if you’re already and always full of happiness, thank you for sharing yourself with the world.  What a blessing you are! From a wise old friend of my deceased playmate, “You can’t have what you want until you let go of what you don’t want.”  Does that make sense to you?  If so, you can do something about it.  In fact, no one else really can but …..

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Human Interest Story: Heart vs. Law

rencontres jeunes femmes espagnoles I counted out to my new housekeeper, Aracelli, what I thought was four $20 bills to pay her and her partner, Maracella, their fee of $80.  Aracelli called me 30 minutes later to say I gave her five $20 bills and would I mind just deducting it next time to save them a trip back to return the money.  Of course I said yes and profusely thanked her for being so honest.  I told her it was very precious of her to do that.  And the next time I gave them each $5 extra “just for being honest”.  Aracelli thought I meant $5 for both of them and handed me …..

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Living versus Mentalizing

Recommended Site As I’ve already written in another blog, I love the last scene in the movie, “Boyhood”, when the girl says to the boy the words that are in the picture here.  That’s because I could feel how she and he were just allowing each moment to engulf them without fear or defense.  I love flowing into each moment unafraid, virtually naked and just allowing the fullness of the moment.  Not allowing the fullness of the moment would be to bring something from the past into the moment in order to defend against an uncertain future.  Doing that removes you from the experience of the moment, from life in that moment, …..

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