In God Evermore

more tips here Dear Reader, Known or Unknown Friend, Perhaps this poem, which poured out of my heart on May 25th, 2015, as I know that your heart also pours, will be of help to you on this path of waking up to Who and What you are.

who is val from dancing with the stars dating 2018 And in the purest of humbleness, I offer for your consideration that you move through its words at the pace of a snail, with the strength of a bulldozer, so that you might dig up the depth of your own inner soil and find your meaning in these words.  And if it will  help you, perhaps comfort you or excite you or validate you, to share your meaning on my blog and/or my Facebook author page, please do so and express yourself in your own way.

grand theft auto 4 dating kate Here is the poem:

citas de internet segun normas apa      In God Evermore I have delayed long And the wait has been severe I will not exchange what God has created

For what I have made


My body shakes

As it has done before

I am releasing fear

Like lightning bolts from a thunder cloud


Fear is nothing

But the emotion of illusion

Illusion is nothing

But disagreeing with God


I don’t believe what I have made up anymore

I rest now in God Evermore



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