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Non-Judgment: Getting Out of Prison

When one of the co-practitioners of our Course in Miracles/Course of Love group was on vacation recently, with his new grandson in his lap, he sent me a text saying, “Love this paragraph”, with a picture of a paragraph, circled in ink by him, from the last page of a chapter in my book, A Holy Relationship:  The Memoir of One Couple’s Transformation.  It is Chapter 10, Non-Judgment:  Getting Out of Prison – Barbara’s Way.  The font in the picture is too small to easily read so I’ll write the words underneath the picture.  Here is the picture:

Here are the words in that paragraph:

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     When the perceptions of the mind are only of love, are only of the truth of who and what we really are, there is nothing in the mind to produce fear.  In the absence of fear, the mind relaxes and simply surrenders to what is.  The mind is clear.  The mind is certain of who and what it is.  With clarity and certainty, all of the mind is now fully present in the moment.  There is no defending against a fictitious future based on the fears of the past.  There is no busyness going on in the mind because there is no reason for it.  The conditions necessary for the holy instant, and therefore non-judgment, have been met. 

As I read the words from his text I knew they didn’t come from A Course in Miracles and thought they came from A Course of Love.  But mid-way through, I realized those were my words that I wrote in A Holy Relationship.  I leaned back and had a nice chuckle at myself and was once again inspired from words that came from the center of my being as I wrote A Holy Relationship.

I share this with you now because I know firsthand that judgment blocks you from being able to be connected to your inner being.  My now-deceased partner, Barbara, heard these words come to her from the other side in 1990:  “Judgment always separates you from yourself”.  Those words resonated deeply with each of us.  We knew they were true.  And that began our work on our first book, The Energy of Life:  A Guide to Practical Spirituality.  And we have a great chapter on judgment in that book.

I also have two blogs about judgment:  The Cost of Judgment:  Yourself (February 2, 2015) and Metaphysics 101 on Releasing Judgment (October 24, 2014).

And if you want to thoroughly know about judgment and non-judgment, their effects and consequences, study Chapter 9, 10 and 11 of A Holy Relationship.  Those ideas transformed my mind and my life in the most miraculous of ways.

A Holy Relationship has nothing to do with religion but it has everything to do with spirituality.  Barbara and I had been professional acquaintances for several years then didn’t see each other for several more years.  When we finally got together just as friends, the very first time, we got around to talking about relationships.  It turned out that each of us believed in, and wanted, a relationship as “a vehicle for oneness”, as we called it.  A Holy Relationship is a love story about how we did that.  And removing judgment from our lives was a part of that.

A Holy Relationship:  The Memoir of One Couple’s Transformation







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