Non-Judgment: Getting Out of Prison When one of the co-practitioners of our Course in Miracles/Course of Love group was on vacation recently, with his new grandson in his lap, he sent me a text saying, “Love this paragraph”, with a picture of a paragraph, circled in ink by him, from the last page of a chapter in my book, A Holy Relationship:  The Memoir of One Couple’s Transformation.  It is Chapter 10, Non-Judgment:  Getting Out of Prison – Barbara’s Way.  The font in the picture is too small to easily read so I’ll write the words underneath the picture.  Here is the picture: Here are the words in that paragraph: The Absence of Fear      When the perceptions …..

getting engaged after two months of dating
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This is a love story . . . .

Homepage + = It is for Course in Miraclers and Course of Lovers and all those that are not blocked by thought, or perception, or concept, or belief, or judgment, which are all the same. It is a love story about two people that were determined to know each other as themselves, God as themselves, and themselves as God, and how they got there. The muse of the couple was an entity expressed in this lifetime as a female. Her name was Barbara.  The sage of the couple was an entity expressed in this lifetime as a male.  His name was Jimmie. Their story is found in the memoir dedicated to the …..

rencontre homme medecin pour mariage
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